How to unblock Hulu outside the US?

In this article, we will discuss methods to unblock Hulu outside the US.

What is Hulu?

Streaming is fast becoming the most popular medium for viewers who want to watch their TV shows or favorite movies, and sports teams live and on-demand. Hulu is a streaming content service that started as a platform for recently released TV shows but has since evolved into a large-scale service with full-fledged movies, original programs, and TV options.

How to unblock Hulu?

The Hulu streaming service is very popular, but access to it is limited. There are two ways to
remove an obstruction from content on Hulu: proxies and using VPNs.

  • Proxy

The first alternative is using the Proxy tool. A proxy server is a remote computer that mediates between users and Internet resources. Its task is to transmit all requests from the user to the Internet and broadcast the received responses back.

Each computer has its own unique IP address, which encrypts information about the user’s country of residence and about his Internet provider. The proxy server also has its own IP address. If the user connects to the network through a proxy, then the IP proxy will appear, while the user himself will be able to keep incognito.

  • VPN

VPN services have long been considered the most reliable tool for unlocking various web platforms. However, Hulu provides almost the toughest blocking for geolocation, so the same VPN application may not work in all locations.

The best VPN services for viewing Hulu include:

  • ExpressVPN – Enjoy Hulu and other streaming services in good HD quality due to the high speed provided by this VPN service.
  • CyberGhost – A huge network of servers to unlock access to Hulu from anywhere in the world
  • PrivateVPN is a large enough server for streaming Hulu content and excellent customer support.
  • Hotspot Shield – although the cost of services of this service is a bit high, it works extremely reliably, and also provides a 45-day money-back

What is the difference between a VPN and a Proxy?

The main purpose of VPN and Proxy is to provide a connection between the host computer and the remote computer to protect it from attackers.

At first glance, the only difference between these technologies is the encryption of traffic that passes through the intermediate computer. But in fact, the difference between VPN and proxy is much deeper and applies to the so-called network model of system interaction (network model OSI).

According to this model, all computer systems interact at seven levels, each of which performs certain functions. The top, or application layer, ensures that user applications interact with the network. These include sharing files, other information, forwarding mail, and some other activities. The proxy server provides a connection to each specific resource at this level.

Unlike a proxy, a VPN operates at a lower network level, which includes, among others, the application. The network layer determines the ways of data transmission, so when VPN-connection through it, all applications are forcibly connected, and not a single, currently used program.