Eset Antivirus Review

Eset Antivirus Review: Perfect Protection for Your Gadgets

Why You Need to Check Our Eset Antivirus Review

Computer systems surrounded modern people in all spheres of their lives. In general, it is not bad. Computer became the technical tool of prime necessity. It helps with the training process. It is also vital for work and at home. To some extent, the computer is the force of scientific progress and the mean of leisure. The security issue is of high importance today. It is enough to look at the list of the known malware. An effective mean for protection against various threats is the antivirus software. Antivirus software saturates the market. Sometimes it is challenging to decide in favor the particular antivirus. In this regard, you will need our Eset Review 2019 to understand what to choose.

The List of Pros and Cons

Eset Antivirus Pros

Minimal resources consumption. In comparison with competitors, Eset Antivirus application loads a system significantly less; at the same time, scanning speed shows excellent results. It is caused by the high performance of interaction with the hardware, thanks to the low-level language of programming. Cross-platform. Eset Antivirus is compatible will all known platforms: Windows, Linux, OS X, and even Android. This fact proves the serious relation of developers to the product. Thanks to it, the user has a possibility of broad application. ThreatSense technology. Today, when virus threats greatly evolved, the signature method of detection is insufficient. ThreatSense is the patented technology of the company. It implies the application of the heuristic analysis of potential risks. This method allows finding and neutralizing threats unusual for the base of signatures. The system of updates sharing. Developers have the finger on the pulse. They aim to secure users at the identification of new types of threats. Developers distribute updates for signature databases rather often, sometimes even several times a day. Service packs are small, so it simplifies their receiving by the user even in the conditions of low-speed and unstable connection to the Internet. Interface. The application has an intuitively clear and concise interface. Such interface simplifies the process of user interaction. The structure of the options menu of settings will allow every user to deal with Eset Antivirus easily.

Eset Antivirus Cons

Scanning Depth. Specialists note possible inanity of scanning depth of directories with volume structure. As a result, antivirus might miss some harmful objects. For home use, this flaw is not critical, besides the probability that developers will get rid of this defect in future versions is high. False operations. Some users notice false operations with the files which are not harmful. It occurs rather seldom and is not so critical, though can cause worries among new users.


Eset Antivirus is an end-to-end solution for the maximum protection of gadgets. The product has all critical parts of a complex antivirus. It has protection against phishing and exploits, antispam, protection against network attacks, personal firewall, module anti-thief. It includes a module of parent control, protection of the webcam, online payments, and protection against viruses coders. Also, developers added the advanced module of the home network security with router verifiability and the smart devices connected to it.


Eset Antivirus earns good points in laboratory tests and own tests of PCMagazine. The built-in UEFI scanner allows finding a malicious code even in device hardware. Eset Antivirus includes control of devices, an invasion prevention system and also the scanner which finds harmful modules in a PC hardware. Eset Antivirus shows the appropriate speed of viruses diagnosing. At the same time, many other antiviruses take too much time for the system checking. In the course of updating, the antivirus bases of Eset Antivirus does not cause additional troubles when using the Internet and applies the particular system of mirror servers that allow receiving updates quicker.

Available Package and Extras

The corporate version of Eset Smart Security includes the integrated system of antivirus protection. Along with it, it has the anti-spy system, firewall, and spam filter. It is available also in the form of the separate Eset Antivirus Business Edition software product. Complete antivirus solution ? Eset Antivirus Titan is intended for the home computer and includes extra functionality for safety. Thanks to the utilities in Eset Antivirus Titan there is an opportunity to generate and to keep email accounts, social networks, an Internet purse or Internet banking and also the number of cash cards and PIN codes in encrypted form.

Support And Customer Service

Eset is the winner of the International award for the best client experience of CX WORLD AWARDS 2018. This year the company earned four nominations at once and won prestigious awards in each of them. The users may address their technical queries and questions connected with product licensing to Support and Customer Service through a form of sending the inquiry on the separate page of client support.

Bottom Line

Without doubts, it is difficult to find perfect antivirus software. Most likely such antivirus does not exist. However, developers from Slovakia managed to create a full-fledged and highly efficient security tool with a set of pluses and very relative shortcomings. Eset Antivirus has several awards and titles worthily. It can be recommended for the users wishing to build faultless protection at all boundaries of digital space.