Norton Antivirus Review

Norton Antivirus Review: Everything You Wanted to Know About It

Symantecs? Norton Antivirus is undoubtedly one of the topnotch security software known today. Importantly, the program receives high ratings from the users steadily. Among some of the parameters that attract the attention of the people are excellent performance and high speed. However, these are not the only decisive moments that make the program stand out against the competitors. Take a look at the Norton antivirus review to find out the details.

The List of Pros and Cons


  • Complete antivirus and malware protection
  • Backup, online storage with premium package
  • Easy Setup
  • Multi-Device Safety
  • User-friendly interface
  • Good Customer Support service
  • 30-day free trial
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS


  • Heavy system-performance impact
  • No tools for files & directories encryption
  • A file shredder is absent
  • May work slower in specific locations

Reliability and Security

As for the security and reliability of the program, Norton is an excellent option for the users due to its full-featured protection. The software works in three directions to secure your operating system and sensitive data. Specifically, the antivirus ensures firewall, malware, and spyware protection. Also, it has got the tools for removal and detection of the potentially harmful files.

Malware & Spyware Protection

Norton applies a special anti-phishing filter to mark the malicious emails. Such emails are typically utilized to deceive the user, worm out the needed personal information to use it further for unlawful purposes. The antivirus under consideration has got a bunch of tools to maintain your device’s security, protect it from spyware and malware. Let us look closer at the removal and detection tools.

Removal & Detection Tools

The Internet is a rich source of all kinds of information and, at the same time, the cradle of cyber threats. Norton antivirus applies such features as a toolbar, safe web, safe password manager to keep your data safe. For instance, Norton Safe Web is the option that checks an abundance of web pages to warn the user in case of any threat. Norton antivirus has got a bootable rescue device (CD or USB) feature. In such a way, when something goes wrong within the system, and it becomes inoperable, you can use the option to create this bootable device and access it later. What is more, the rescue tool provides with the opportunity to scan the system and, eventually, restore it. Norton antivirus program is accurate. Let us examine how it all works to make sure that the statement is correct. The protection system of the software collects and uploads all the unknown and potentially harmful items to analyze them through the Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response (SONAR). Eventually, the mentioned items are marked as malicious, and the Norton user receives a notification via LiveUpdate. The antivirus protects your system and, simultaneously, takes care of your time. Specifically, the users can just pick either a ?silent? or ?gamer? mode to mind their own business, while Norton pushes all the offending files to the quarantine mode. Therefore, you can easily play the game, watch the series, and the software will not bother you with the annoying popup windows or messages.

Firewall Protection

When it comes to firewall protection, Norton offers a two-way firewall. If you wonder what the advantages of Norton firewall are, we can name several. First of all, using Norton firewall, you may cloak the network ports that haven’t been used for a while to prevent hackers attacks. Secondly, the users can block inbound traffic, as well as set some traffic rules in their discretion.

Norton Performance

The central protection engine of Norton has been tested by the official institutions ? AV-test and AV-Comparatives. The tests define the software’s ability to detect any threat, starting from the malware and up to some key-loggers. During the AV-Comparatives testing, Norton’s protection rate appeared to be 99%! The showing is exemplary among the giants of the antivirus programs. In addition to some of the most common threats, the software proved to be highly efficient in detecting some zero-day cyber attacks.

Available Package and Extras

The software offers three packages: Norton Security for One Device, Norton Security, and Norton Security with Backup. Each of the packages offers the following: a complete firewall and antivirus protection, spam blocking, financial and online identity security, and also PC optimization tools and keyword manager. However, there are some slight differences. The first package is designed to protect one particular device. The second package represents a web portal that controls and manages up to five gadgets. The third package also has a web portal and 25 GB backup storage (online). This package will work with up to 10 devices.

Advanced Features

Norton antivirus widens the limits of the system protection. The antivirus is developed in such a way that it detects any suspicious item related to viruses. Moreover, Norton provides users with a scheduled scan in real time. Finally, while using this antivirus be ready for the following: the software would replace the infected item with the original version where possible. Awesome, isn’t it?

Support and Customer Service

Symantec’s Norton is created for customers who are a top priority for the company. The users have several support options. If any issue occurs, you are free to contact the support manager via a live chat or write an email. If you prefer a live conversation over the online one, there are some local offices as well. Besides, FAQ section, various media are at your disposal.

Bottom Line

Taking all the aforesaid into consideration, Norton antivirus from Symantec is a safe and reliable option for those who appreciate their privacy and security. There are three different packages. Sure, some weak points are present as well. However, considering the consumers? ratings and the results of the testings, Norton is likely to become a solid competitor to other antivirus providers.